3 years ago

sky3ds and supercard dstwo plus support 3DS /New3DS v10.2.0-28

Sky3ds supports 3ds games on 3ds xl v10.2 and R4 card supports ds games on 3ds v10.2. They both can work on older firmwares to run 3ds and ds roms separately.

Sky3ds for 3ds game: This card runs downloaded 3ds roms on 3ds,new 3ds and 2d read more...

3 years ago

sky3ds support 3DS /New3DS v10.2.0-28

Play only 3ds or ds game via flashcart is outdated, want to knonw how we can play multiple mode games with 1 or 2 flashcarts? Which is the best combination for playing 3DS, NDS, GBA and SNES games in the market? You can find 3 hottest flashcarts f read more...